About Me

Joshua Grisham

I am a Business Intelligence specialist with over 14 years of professional experience in Information Technology. My skill set is both wide and deep; I have had a great deal of experience handling many aspects of technology from both technical execution and team leadership perspectives. This includes infrastructure, system administration, application configuration and deployment, software development, data warehousing, data processing, data mining, and analytic/report development.

My primary focus is in Business Intelligence, particularly with SAP’s BI systems. I am a long-time user, developer, and administrator of SAP BusinessObjects, Data Services, and Oracle database systems. I have a considerable amount of experience with many other tools and technologies.

Most recently I have been dabbling in SAP HANA and various other column store and in-memory database and analysis technologies.

Yes, I said it. I dabble.

You can find out more about me or reach out to me on LinkedIn.